Baseball Fantasy Sweepstakes results and winning ticket numbers are posted below every Monday of the 17 weeks of the pro-baseball season as noted on tickets. Check below to see if you're a winner!

Prizes are mailed out at the conclusion of each week to holders of winning tickets.

Baseball Results

For the week of 06/29/2020

Due to the COVID19 epidemic, the MLB season has been delayed.  Until the season resumes, we will be calculating the 2020 results using the MLB scores from the same dates in 2019.  As soon as the season resumes, we will begin using the current year scores to calculate the results.  Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Ticket #Runs ScoredRankWinnings
03511472nd Highest$100.00
30521433rd Highest$41.67
1844,20121434th Highest$41.67
0786582nd Lowest$37.50

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Rules Reminder

Sweepstakes rules can be found on the back of each ticket.

  • Weekly winners are based on the combined runs scored each week by the three teams randomly assigned to each ticket.
  • If two or more tickets are tied with the same runs, prizes will combined and evenly split amongst winners. See the front of your ticket for a complete breakdown of prizes.

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