Football Blitz Sweepstakes results and winning ticket numbers are posted below every Tuesday of weeks 8 to 17 of the pro-football regular season. Check below to see if you're a winner!

Prizes are mailed out at the conclusion of each week to holders of winning tickets.

Football Blitz Results 10 Week

Week 12

The week 12 game between the Steelers and the Ravens has been postponed until Wednesday 12/2.  The NFL considers this to be a week 12 game.  We will include these scores for week 12 and post the results on Thursday morning.  If the game is cancelled, we will treat it like a bye, and each team will be given their score from the previous week.

Ticket #Points ScoredRankWinnings
09151292nd Highest$141.67
00881293rd Highest$141.67
27421274th Highest$50.00
18371275th Highest$50.00
06141276th Highest$50.00
20051257th Highest$50.00
05371258th Highest$50.00
21501259th Highest$50.00
0187202nd Lowest$25.00
3127223rd Lowest$25.00
2903234th Lowest$16.67
1353235th Lowest$16.67
3270236th Lowest$16.67
2686,3153,1978237th Lowest$16.67

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Rules Reminder

Sweepstakes rules can be found on the back of each ticket.

  • Weekly winners are based on the combined points scored each week by the three teams randomly assigned to each ticket.
  • Football teams that have a bye week will be assigned their score from the previous week.
  • If two or more tickets are tied with the same points, prizes will combined and evenly split amongst winners. See the front of your ticket for a complete breakdown of prizes.

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