Basketball Bracket Sweepstakes results and winning ticket numbers are posted below at the conclusion of the college basketball national championship game. Keep track of your teams' points throughout each round as provided on your ticket.

Prizes are mailed out at the conclusion of each week to holders of winning tickets.

Basketball Fantasy Results

Week 10: 03/23 – 03/29

Due to the suspension of the NBA games this week because of COVID-19, results were calculated based on the each team’s points scored from the same dates last season.  Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Ticket #Points ScoredRankWinnings
17861,4472nd Highest$100.00
38411,4453rd Highest$75.00
11161,4444th Highest$50.00
29401,4445th Highest$50.00
34101,4436th Highest$50.00
14071,4427th Highest$50.00
09061,4418th Highest$50.00
10921,4409th Highest$50.00
11267742nd Lowest$25.00
01817753rd Lowest$25.00
31257764th Lowest$25.00
39817765th Lowest$25.00
02667786th Lowest$25.00
3214,39667807th Lowest$12.50

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Rules Reminder

  • Sweepstakes rules can be found on the back of each ticket.
  • Weekly winners are based on the combined points, rebounds and assists each week by the three players randomly assigned to each ticket.
  • If two or more tickets are tied with the same points, prizes will combined and evenly split among winners. See the front of your ticket for a complete breakdown of prizes.

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