Football Fantasy Sweepstakes results and winning ticket numbers are posted below every Tuesday of the 17-week pro-football regular season. Check below to see if you're a winner!

Prizes are mailed out at the conclusion of each week to holders of winning tickets.

Football Results 17 Week

Week 2

Ticket # Points Scored Rank Winnings
2392 115 Highest $250.00
4785 112 2nd Highest $75.00
3004 112 3rd Highest $75.00
4465 112 4th Highest $75.00
2708 12 Lowest $50.00
0395,1278 13 2nd Lowest $12.50

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Rules Reminder

  • Sweepstakes rules can be found on the back of each ticket.
  • Weekly winners are based on the combined points scored each week by the three teams randomly assigned to each ticket.
  • Football teams that have a bye week will be assigned their score from the previous week.
  • If two or more tickets are tied with the same points, prizes will combined and evenly split amongst winners. See the front of your ticket for a complete breakdown of prizes.

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