Basketball Bracket Sweepstakes results and winning ticket numbers are posted below at the conclusion of the college basketball national championship game. Keep track of your teams' points throughout each round as provided on your ticket.

Prizes are mailed out at the conclusion of each week to holders of winning tickets.

Basketball Bracket Results

Final Results for 2020

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament has been canceled this year.  We randomly selected 2017 as the substitute year to determine the results.  All of the winners are based on the scores from the 2017 NCAA tournament.  Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Ticket #Points ScoredRankWinnings
 17841,3082nd Highest$500.00
 05631,2783rd Highest$300.00
 38411,2694th Highest$200.00
38761,2395th Highest$100.00
Click for list Next 50 Highest$20.00
 10071812nd Lowest$400.00
 43251883rd Lowest$92.50
 38911884th Lowest$92.50
 1072,03451885th Lowest$92.50
Click for list Next 50 Lowest$20.00



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Rules Reminder

Sweepstakes rules can be found on the back of each ticket.

  • Prizes are awarded to the 110 sweepstakes tickets whose three teams score the most and least total points throughout the tournament. See the front of your ticket for a complete breakdown of prizes.
  • Teams that have been eliminated from the tournament get 0 points in the rounds they did not play.
  • If two or more tickets are tied with the same points, prizes will combined and evenly split amongst winners.

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