Fundraising Groups

How long does it take from start to finish to develop a Gift-checkbook fundraiser?

Once we’ve been engaged to begin building a Gift-checkbook fundraiser for a group, it typically takes eight weeks to deliver books ready to sell. We strongly encourage groups to schedule their fundraiser with us as early as possible so that we have plenty of time to plan the program and build a great book.

What is our profit margin on Gift-checkbooks?

Profit margins depend on two things: the quantity of Gift-checkbooks that a group purchases and the price at which the group chooses to sell their books. The more books a group purchases, the lower the cost per book and the greater the profit margin. Profit margins range from 50% on the low end to 70% on the high end. More importantly, real dollar profits start at over $15 per book enabling groups to reach their fundraising goal without having to sell a huge volume of products.

Who solicits local merchants to participate in the Gift-checkbook?

BoosterShot does all the merchant work for our fundraising groups. They merely provide us with a list of local merchants that they’d like us to solicit for participation. Our team of merchant representatives, who work with hundreds of merchants in their area, ensure the building of a book that will be valued by those who purchase each book.

Why do local merchants participate in Gift-checkbooks?

In today’s business economy, merchants are looking for cost-effective ways to promote and advertise their business to targeted audiences in their area. Our Gift-checkbooks provide a no cost way for them to promote their business to consumers they want to reach most. At the same time, they want to support local organizations in a meaningful way that makes good business sense for them. Our Gift-checkbook is a perfect opportunity for them.

What help do you provide fundraising groups to insure successful sales?

BoosterShot fundraising consultants work with each fundraising group to develop a plan for sales. We hold kick-off meetings with seller groups and provide customized sales tools designed to support effective sales with each fundraising group.


What does it cost a merchant to participate in a Gift-checkbook?

There is absolutely no cost to merchants to participate in a Gift-checkbook, allowing each merchant to make their best attention-grabbing offer to drive new business.

How does it work?

Our merchant representatives meet with each business owner to determine a valued offer. With a simple application completed, merchants merely supply their logo and our graphic design group designs their Gift-check. We send back a proof for approval prior to printing books. Once books are printed, we immediately mail a copy of the book to each merchant so they can see their ad and train staff on how to accept Gift-checks at redemption. Redeemed Gift-checks provide an audit trail for merchants and allows them to track the effectiveness of our free advertising vehicle.

Why can’t I make a low value coupon-type offer?

Our Gift-checks are purposely designed to provide greater value to the consumer than a coupon. Unlike coupons, Gift-checks create a connection with customers, making them feel valued, increasing a merchant’s chances of creating future sales and loyal customers.

How can I be included in other projects?

If a merchant wants to be included in other projects, they can simply contact us and let us know what geographic areas they’d like to be considered for. When a fundraising project comes up in their business area, we will contact them to see if they’d like to participate in the project. We will NOT include a merchant in any fundraising program without prior consent.

Fundraiser Supporters

How long do I have to use Gift-checks in a book I’ve purchased?

A typical Gift-checkbook has a one-year expiration date from the start of the fundraising sale. The expiration date of each book can be found in the upper right hand corner of each Gift-check.

If I buy multiple books, can I use more than one Gift-check at a time?

This is dependent on the merchant, but most merchants will accept one Gift-check per visit to their business. Participating merchants believe in supporting fundraising groups in their community. We discourage book users from taking advantage of merchants and encourage rewarding merchant generosity by supporting the local economy and making meaningful purchases. If your experience with a participating merchant is enjoyable, please tell your friends and return again.

I love the Gift-checkbook that I bought. How do I find out about purchasing books in the future?

Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be glad to tell you what books are available in your area for purchase.

I bought a Gift-checkbook and am involved in fundraising for another group that would like to consider this program. How do I get information?

Simply give us a call, send us an email or complete the simple Learn More form on this website. Our fundraising consultant in your area will be glad to provide you with more information and answer your questions.