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Want to conduct the most successful fundraiser with the least amount of effort?  Score that harmony with BoosterShot.

If yours is like many band, choir, orchestra, other performing arts groups or boosters, then you’ve probably been following the crowd and selling the same old discount cards, raffles and overpriced food that your community really doesn’t want to buy anymore.

Maybe it’s time to consider something new, something that supports your local economy and that your community will WANT to buy.

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Music Boosters Gift-checkbook™

Raise a minimum of $7,500 with our unique, custom to your group Gift-checkbook filled with hundreds of dollars in valuable gift-checks (not coupons) from LOCAL restaurants and merchants that YOU CHOOSE, but we solicit.

High profit for your music group and high value for your supporters, enabling you to sell fewer numbers but raise more funds.

Support your local merchants who support your school: a win-win!

Sports Fantasy Sweepstakes™

Our Sweepstakes creates a buzz that no discount card or cash raffle can match. Your supporters will like the value contained in our mini Gift-checkbook and they’ll have fun playing our Football, Basketball, Baseball or Hockey Sweepstakes with the chance to win cash prizes.

We handle everything, including sweepstakes prize payouts so all you have to do is sell.  Our sweepstakes are easy to sell because they put the fun in fundraising!


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