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Does your Football fundraising need a chip shot? Partner with BoosterShot and your goal is certain to be successful!

If your team is still selling discount cards or raffles, then it might be time to look at fundraisers that today’s supporters would rather buy. BoosterShot fundraisers are highly profitable for your team AND your community will like buying them.

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Sports Fantasy Sweepstakes™

Football Fantasy Sweepstakes is a fun way to fundraise.  It’s combines two valuable elements: a sweepstakes ticket tied to the pro football season with weekly cash prizes AND a mini version of our valuable Gift-checkbook.  It’s easy to sell as buyers have fun playing the weekly sweepstakes and saving money locally.  We handle everything so that all you have to do is sell.

Lake Central (IN) switched from discount cards four years ago. They raised $23,000 last year.


Raise a minimum of $7,500 with our unique, custom to your program Gift-checkbook filled with hundreds of dollars in valuable gift-checks (not coupons) from LOCAL restaurants and merchants that YOU CHOOSE, but we solicit.

It’s high profit for you and high value for your supporters, enabling you to you sell fewer numbers but raise more funds.

Glenbrook South (IL) switched from discount cards in 2009.  They raise $15,000 within a week.

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