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Then we have the answers. Partner with BoosterShot and achieve your goal to support the children and all their endeavors!

If your school is looking to raise more funds for this school year, there’s still time!  BoosterShot can help you create a unique to your school, high value, community-based fundraiser that fits your needs.

Perhaps you’re set for this year. Now is a great time to start looking at new ideas for next school year.

Request FREE samples.


Raise a minimum of $7,500 with our unique, custom to your school Gift-checkbooks filled with hundreds of dollars in valuable gift-checks (not coupons) from LOCAL restaurants and merchants that YOU CHOOSE, but we solicit.

High profit for your PTO or PTA and high value for your supporters, enabling you to sell fewer numbers but raise more funds.

Support your local merchants who support your schools, a win-win!


Basketball Bracket Sweepstakes™

Get dads involved in your PTO or PTA with our Sports Sweepstakes, like Basketball Brackets this spring. Features two valuable elements: a sweepstakes ticket with cash prizes and a mini version of our popular Gift-checkbook.  Put fun in your fundraising!

We handle everything, including sweepstakes prize payouts so all you have to do is sell.

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